Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vintage/Grapes Promo Casserole for trade

I have a "Vintage" (or Grapes) Promo 1 qt casserole for trade. It is in great condition, with a lovely green base and patterned lid. The lid has a really neat design of grapes and leaves- the grapes are a bit more purple than they appear in the photo. There are no chips, major scratches or utensil marks to speak of. 

Originally this would have come with a plastic cradle, but I don't have that. This is pretty rare- there is one on ebay right now, but they don't come up very often.

I would be interested in a trade for:

any New Dots except yellow,
any Pink Daisy, especially a space saver
a white/blue or charcoal Snowflake space saver

501s in pink, turquoise, red or Butterprint (at least 2)
502s in pink or turquoise

Leave a comment or email me at susieqt2(at)gmail(dot)com!

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