Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Few Pieces For Sale

Hello all!  Melissa here from Melissa's Antiques (blog here, store here).  I wanted to pass along some pieces that I have accumulated recently.  All of these pieces are available in my etsy store (with more pictures).  Links to each individual item are below.  If you want to trade, I'm currently looking for all the new dots bowls except the blue.

Red Hostess 525B with Lid.   Some paint scratches and paint loss on the edges. There is a chip on the inside lip of the lid. No utensil marks. Otherwise really great!  

401 Verde Olive Green Mixing Nesting Bowl. Great vintage condition... no chips, cracks, paint fading, etc.

3 pieces of  Early American - 443 2.5 quart cinderella bowl, 403 2.5 quart bowl, and a 473 1 quart casserole. The 2 bowls are in excellent, perfect condition. The casserole has some paint scratches.

(If you want an individual piece from this set, please contact me.)

Town and Country 1 1/2 Quart Divided Casserole. Casserole in EXCELLENT condition. The lid is not the correct divided casserole lid, but still fits exactly. The lid also has a few knicks on the inside lip, but not noticeable otherwise and still usable.

Barbed Wire Promotional 1 1/2 Quart Divided Casserole. This piece is in EXCELLENT condition. The lid is the proper divided casserole lid. No paint loss/fading, chips, cracks, etc...

Town and Country 3 Piece Casserole Set with Lids. 475B 2 1/2 quarts, 474B 1 1/2 quarts,and 473 1 quart casserole. All in excellent condition. No paint fading/loss, chips, cracks, etc.

1959 Golden Branch Promotional Hospitality Round Casserole. Marked 024 2qt on the bottom. Excellent vintage condition... no chips, cracks, paint fading, etc.

Corning Ware Terra Milk Glass Bowls.  3" wide, 1.75" tall.

Blue Summer Impressions Milk Glass Coffee Tea Mugs. All are in EXCELLENT vintage condition... with no chips, cracks, paint fading, etc. Just HAND wash before use!

I have several more items lying around, but don't have pictures of... a lime green and flamingo pink 221, 2 lime green pie plates, a town and country 045 2.5qt casserole, a juice carafe with white printed citruses on it, a store'n'see container with yellow lid and yellow daisies, and LOTS of pyrex (NOT corelle) mugs.  Please contact me about any of these items.

Thanks for letting me share!

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