Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Author of this blog, a new blog has been created!

Hello, I am the main author of this lovely blog...I wanted to let you all know that I have created a lovely new blog called Retro Cookbook Recipes

It is an awesome why of trying out vintage recipes from cookbooks, handwritten recipes, etc.
It is also a nice way to be more interactive with my followers! You can participate too!
No recipes are unlimited, ALL WELCOMED! Yes, thats right...the weird recipes that does not seem to go together, the gross ones that sound so horrible, the lovely ones that seem so interesting to test out, and the delicious ones that look so yummy in the photos! All! Desserts, Jell-O, dinner, appetizers, drinks, lunch everything!

I also post my own recipes that, or recipes that have been in my family.

If you want to participate in this, you can send scans of the original recipe to Retrorecipedelight@gmail.com.

Once I have gotten your recipes I will try them out and post them on the blog with detailed pictures, and give you the verdict!!

Hope you will follow the new blog and/or participate! Let the cooking begin!

Retro Cookbook Recipes

Blog Author

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

For sale or trade - 441 Ivy dip bowl

                                                  I have an extra Pyrex Cinderella Ivy dip bowl...

It looks like it has been through the dishwasher a few times.
Here's a close up...

There are a few scratches to the inside of the bowl that I could not get to show up in the photo

No chips...

Pieces I'd love to have:

anything Friendship
Spring Blossom fridgies (501 or 503)
lids for fridgies (502 or 503)
any size see 'n store
anything Dots
Spring Blossom mixing bowls (403 or 404)

  You can see my chip and dip set (including origional box) here on my blog...

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Butterprint cinderella mixing bowl set for sale and more

Up for auction on eBay is a 4 piece Cinderella Butterprint mixing bowl set, not in perfect condition but still has many more years to it and would like to see it go to a good home!
Includes the 4 Quart, 2.5 quart, 1.5 quart and 1.5 pint cinderella bowls.

See it HERE

Also up on eBay is a Minty Butterprint 1.5 quart mixing bowl

See it HERE

And everything else I added HERE

More to come =)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ready to Trade :)

Hello everyone,

I have several items I am willing to trade :) maybe we can both find what we are looking for! I pictured them all in a big load. Most are mint condition, some others w only minor wear. I could message you more pics.

I am hoping to get:
- lasagna pan (any color, prefer butterfly gold)... Dying for this :)
- utility dishes or space savers (prefer turquoise, pinks or pink designs, or snowflakes)
- butterfly gold medium or large fridgie, BG loaf pan, or brownie pan
- the elusive starburst- some day!
-butterfly gold cinderellas 441 442 443
-butterprint 404 and BG 404

Overall, I am open to other options in turquoise, pink, or butterfly gold :) just let me know! Because I have a lot already it's tough, but I need some randoms to complete sets. Thank you!


More for sale on ebay!

I keep adding and adding more stuff! Just wanted to fill you in on what else I added.

I added this 3 piece set of the Blue snowflake. 2 Cinderella mixing bowls, and a casserole (no lid)

You can see it here

Also for grabs is this awesome funky tea set! Very retro, not pyrex but just as nice!

You can see it here

Will be adding a red hostess bowl (no lid) and a lot of Butterprint.

Stay tuned! =)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Please please please some one buy some of these pieces

I know that sounds a little needy but I ha e some pyrex that I just don't want! I went a little crazy at first and bought everything and now id like to get rid of some of these pieces! So here we go:
- colonial mist 443 in reasonably good shape does have the utensil marks $5
- verde (olive green) 024 in reasonable shape does have a cpl scratches $10
- town & country divided dish great shape $10
- compass ? Divided dish $10
-partial set 402,403&404 verde bowls good shape $20
- verde pixie dish it's marked 700 on the bottom and it's 10 oz $5
- gold scroll 404 awesome shape $15
- tulip promo 024 it's the white with the gold tulip decent shape $10

I am located near Vancouver BC Canada and will to anywhere, will also trade for any of the sunflower bake and store, friendship pieces,or of course the beloved pink pieces, also anything orange or red too
So email me katiewasyluk at gmail dot com

For sale-Golden grapes, Blue Primary & vintage tablecloth

Up for grabs on eBay is this Golden Grapes 1.5 Pint bowl, it goes with the chip and dip but I only have the smaller one.

It has scratches on it, but it is still useful and should go to a good home! The price is low because of the scratches.

You can bid on it here

I also have listed on eBay is this 1.5 Pint Blue primary mixing bowl.
It has a few scratches but very very tiny....barely noticeable. Other than that it is in very good condtion!
You can bid on it here

and I also have a lovely vintage pink fruit tablecloth possibly from the 60's.
It does have a few tiny holes in it but nothing that is noticeable with the naked eye unless you are looking for it, and will not affect the use of it or the look! It is really retro!
you can bid on it here

and here is everything else I am selling
click HERE

Vintage/Grapes Promo Casserole for trade

I have a "Vintage" (or Grapes) Promo 1 qt casserole for trade. It is in great condition, with a lovely green base and patterned lid. The lid has a really neat design of grapes and leaves- the grapes are a bit more purple than they appear in the photo. There are no chips, major scratches or utensil marks to speak of. 

Originally this would have come with a plastic cradle, but I don't have that. This is pretty rare- there is one on ebay right now, but they don't come up very often.

I would be interested in a trade for:

any New Dots except yellow,
any Pink Daisy, especially a space saver
a white/blue or charcoal Snowflake space saver

501s in pink, turquoise, red or Butterprint (at least 2)
502s in pink or turquoise

Leave a comment or email me at susieqt2(at)gmail(dot)com!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

For sale 7 Pink and Gold rimmed tea cups & saucers

Flamingo pink Pyrex teacups & saucers
Hi all!
I am offering 7 teacups & saucers.
They have a flamingo pink and gold trim. 
There are no chips, but there is wear to the color on the rims that I could not get show up in the photos.
Some show more wear than others.

Here's the link:
use coupon code IHEARTPYREX15 for 15% off!

Hope you can visit my new blog, and join me as I slowly but surely photograph my Pyrex collection for all of my friends to see:)


A Few Pieces For Sale

Hello all!  Melissa here from Melissa's Antiques (blog here, store here).  I wanted to pass along some pieces that I have accumulated recently.  All of these pieces are available in my etsy store (with more pictures).  Links to each individual item are below.  If you want to trade, I'm currently looking for all the new dots bowls except the blue.

Red Hostess 525B with Lid.   Some paint scratches and paint loss on the edges. There is a chip on the inside lip of the lid. No utensil marks. Otherwise really great!  

401 Verde Olive Green Mixing Nesting Bowl. Great vintage condition... no chips, cracks, paint fading, etc.

3 pieces of  Early American - 443 2.5 quart cinderella bowl, 403 2.5 quart bowl, and a 473 1 quart casserole. The 2 bowls are in excellent, perfect condition. The casserole has some paint scratches.

(If you want an individual piece from this set, please contact me.)

Town and Country 1 1/2 Quart Divided Casserole. Casserole in EXCELLENT condition. The lid is not the correct divided casserole lid, but still fits exactly. The lid also has a few knicks on the inside lip, but not noticeable otherwise and still usable.

Barbed Wire Promotional 1 1/2 Quart Divided Casserole. This piece is in EXCELLENT condition. The lid is the proper divided casserole lid. No paint loss/fading, chips, cracks, etc...

Town and Country 3 Piece Casserole Set with Lids. 475B 2 1/2 quarts, 474B 1 1/2 quarts,and 473 1 quart casserole. All in excellent condition. No paint fading/loss, chips, cracks, etc.

1959 Golden Branch Promotional Hospitality Round Casserole. Marked 024 2qt on the bottom. Excellent vintage condition... no chips, cracks, paint fading, etc.

Corning Ware Terra Milk Glass Bowls.  3" wide, 1.75" tall.

Blue Summer Impressions Milk Glass Coffee Tea Mugs. All are in EXCELLENT vintage condition... with no chips, cracks, paint fading, etc. Just HAND wash before use!

I have several more items lying around, but don't have pictures of... a lime green and flamingo pink 221, 2 lime green pie plates, a town and country 045 2.5qt casserole, a juice carafe with white printed citruses on it, a store'n'see container with yellow lid and yellow daisies, and LOTS of pyrex (NOT corelle) mugs.  Please contact me about any of these items.

Thanks for letting me share!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some vintage items up for grabs on ebay!

I have too much to list on here so I figured I would put the link to ebay where I am selling some things....I have a 1 1/2 qt butterfly gold divided dish, a Shenandoah casserole (no lid), a yellow primary 4 qt mixing bowl, a better homes and garden cookbook, 1950's federal fruit ice tea glasses etc!
So check it out and enjoy! =)


For trade - Butterprint 503 Refrigerator dish - no lid

Hi everyone,
I  have three of these...so I'm sure there is someone out there who needs this more than I do:)
Good condition, no chips and minimal wear, however I don't have the lid for it.

Pieces I'd love to have:
anything Friendship
Spring Blossom fridgies (501 or 503)
lids for fridgies (502 or 503)
any size see 'n store
anything Dots
Spring Blossom mixing bowls (403 or 404)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Up for Sale-Colonial Mist and a blue round casserole

Up for grabs for one of you Pyrex lovers out there is this Colonial Mist Bake serve store casserole (Cinderella handles) no lid. Has a nice beautiful clear design of flowers all around the casserole. It is in almost great condition, it does has some missing paint on the bottom edge of the casserole. (Pictures below).
This piece is a #475-B 2 1/2 Qt casserole. No chips or cracks, has some very little metal marks on the inside of the bowl. For the most part it is in nice condition.

The other is a possibly Brittany Blue 483-B 1 1/2 qt round casserole (no lid) in pretty good condition just a few specs of missing paint on it but maybe in 2 spots.

These two pieces are $12.00 and shipping is $16.85...total is $28.85

NOTE: USPS prices are high now, sorry for the high shipping price! Hopefully they will go down sometime!