Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ready to Trade :)

Hello everyone,

I have several items I am willing to trade :) maybe we can both find what we are looking for! I pictured them all in a big load. Most are mint condition, some others w only minor wear. I could message you more pics.

I am hoping to get:
- lasagna pan (any color, prefer butterfly gold)... Dying for this :)
- utility dishes or space savers (prefer turquoise, pinks or pink designs, or snowflakes)
- butterfly gold medium or large fridgie, BG loaf pan, or brownie pan
- the elusive starburst- some day!
-butterfly gold cinderellas 441 442 443
-butterprint 404 and BG 404

Overall, I am open to other options in turquoise, pink, or butterfly gold :) just let me know! Because I have a lot already it's tough, but I need some randoms to complete sets. Thank you!



  1. Hello! I am looking for the little pixie dishes you have in your pictures. Are they blue? I don't have anything in your list, but I do have a pink brownie (8x8) baking dish that I can trade. Would you be interested in that? Also, is one of the orange bowls you have the flameglo?

    1. Hello Jessica, I'm sorry I never saw this! For future, I'll post my email too ( I sold the blue pixies but I have two flameglo bowls. So sorry about that!